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Other web sites about Xandros Linux:Additional pages on this web site, which may be of interest: Xandros is the name of a line of Linux distributions produced by the Xandros Corporation of Ottawa, Canada. The software is very much orientated towards business use, and features a KDE user interface configured to look very much like Microsoft Windows.

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Linux Made Easy: The Official Guide to Xandros 3 for Everyday Users

By Rickford Grant

Brand: No Starch Press
Released: 2005-08-05
Paperback (496 pages)

Linux Made Easy: The Official Guide to Xandros 3 for Everyday Users
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Product Description:

Linux is an operating system, just like Windows or Mac OS. If you're looking at this book, you're probably somewhat of a Linux newbie. Maybe you're a Windows refugee--you just can't take it anymore or you want to stop paying through the nose for software and the latest buggy upgrade. Or you just want to try something new.

Linux Made Easy is a hands-on, step-by-step, project-based guide that will make it easier than ever for you to join the world of Linux and start using it instead of Windows. And, thanks to the Xandros version of Linux (included with this book), the transition from Windows to Linux is easier than ever before.

Linux Made Easy concentrates on the subjects most non-geeks care about, like installation (easy as pie); using the Internet; playing CDs, using scanners; working with digital cameras and photos; playing games; downloading software; syncing PDAs; printing; and making Internet phone calls (we even give you a 120-minute SkypeOut coupon).

Whatever your level of experience, Linux Made Easy will show you how to do everything with Linux that you're used to doing with Windows--and more. And you've got everything that you need to get started right here: Xandros on CD and those free SkypeOut minutes so you can call Microsoft and ask for a refund on that unused version of Windows XP.

TOC Introduction
Part I: Starting Out
Chapter 1: Welcome to the World of Linux...A La Xandros
Chapter 2: Metamorphosis: Installing Xandros on Your Machine
Chapter 3: An Alternative Blue World: Getting to Know the Xandros Desktop

Part II: Getting Things Done
Chapter 4: An Untangled Web: Setting Up Your Internet Connection
Chapter 5: There's No Place Like Home: Working with Your Files in the Xandros File Manager
Chapter 6: Ports of Call: Working with Floppies, CDs, DVDs, and Other Removable Media
Chapter 7: Control Freaks: Getting Things the Way You Want Via the Control Manager
Chapter 8: The Keys to the Gates of Oz, or the Gates of Xandros Anyway: Expanding and Updating Your System Via Xandros Networks
Part III: Gadgetry
Chapter 9: Making Lasting Impressions: Setting Up and Using Your Printer
Chapter 10: Flatbed Memories: Working with Your Scanner
Chapter 11: Because Memory Sometimes Fails to Serve: Digital Cameras
Chapter 12: Keeping Tabs on Yourself: Working with Your PDA
Part IV: Applications
Chapter 13: Surf's Up: Internet Applications
Chapter 14: Ear Candy: Xandros Does Audio
Chapter 15: Couch Potatoes: Xandros Does Video
Chapter 16: Doing the Left Bank: Working with Graphics Applications
Chapter 17: Stuffed Shirts: Office and Other Productivity Applications
Chapter 18: Time to Unwind: Gaming
Chapter 19: Kids' Stuff: Applications for Children
Part V: For the More Adventurous
Chapter 20: Want to Get a Little Geeky?: Using Linux Commands
Chapter 21: Proxy Settings

Xandros Desktop OS User Guide Version 3 (Xandros Desktop OS User Guide, Version 3)

By na

Lowest Used Price: $3.77*
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  • Xandros Desktop OS User Guide Version 3
Product Description:
350 pages

Xandros Desktop OS User Guide Version 2

Xandros Inc.

  Run multiple operating systems on your machine!

      Red Hat
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