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Other web sites about SQLite:Additional pages on this web site, which may be of interest: SQLite is a relational database management system, implemented in a small C library which can be linked directly into programs, and released into the public domain. Although SQLite itself is developed in C, it can be used from a wide variety of programming languages including C, C++, Delphi, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Smalltalk and Tcl.

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Using SQLite: Small. Fast. Reliable. Choose Any Three.

By Jay A. Kreibich

Brand: O'Reilly Media
Paperback (530 pages)

Using SQLite: Small. Fast. Reliable. Choose Any Three.
List Price: $49.99*
Lowest New Price: $32.72*
Lowest Used Price: $30.87*
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  • ISBN13: 9780596521189
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!
Product Description:

Application developers, take note: databases aren't just for the IS group any more. You can build database-backed applications for the desktop, Web, embedded systems, or operating systems without linking to heavy-duty client-server databases such as Oracle and MySQL. This book shows you how to use SQLite, a small and lightweight relational database engine that you can build directly into your application.

With SQLite, you'll discover how to develop a database-backed application that remains manageable in size and complexity. This book guides you every step of the way. You'll get a crash course in data modeling, become familiar with SQLite's dialect of the SQL database language, and much more.

  • Learn how to maintain localized storage in a single file that requires no configuration
  • Build your own SQLite library or use a precompiled distribution in your application
  • Get a primer on SQL, and learn how to use several language functions and extensions
  • Work with SQLite using a scripting language or a C-based language such as C# or Objective-C
  • Understand the basics of database design, and learn how to transfer what you already know to SQLite
  • Take advantage of virtual tables and modules

"Complex SQL concepts explained clearly."

--D. Richard Hipp, creator of SQLite

SQLite Forensics

By Paul Sanderson

Independently published
Paperback (315 pages)

SQLite Forensics
List Price: $55.06*
Lowest New Price: $55.06*
Lowest Used Price: $49.99*
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Product Description:
SQLite is a self-contained SQL database engine that is used on every smartphone (including all iOS and Android devices) and most computers (including all Macs and Windows 10 machines). Each computer or phone using SQLite often has hundreds of SQLite databases and it is estimated that there are over one trillion SQLite databases in active use. Given the above, the importance of examining all of the data held in these databases in an investigation is paramount, and of course this includes examining deleted data whenever possible. In this book we cover the format of the SQLite database, and associated journal and Write-Ahead Logs (WAL) in great detail. We show how records are encoded, how to decode them manually and how to decode records that are partially overwritten. We also describe how the workings of SQLite, and in particular the journal and WAL, can be used to ascertain what has happened in a manner that cannot be determined from the data alone. We cover basic SQL queries and how they can be used to create a custom report that includes data from different tables, and we show how we can use SQL queries to test hypothesises about the relationships of data in different tables. This book is aimed mainly at forensic practitioners, and it is assumed that the reader has some basic knowledge of computer forensics; it will also be of interest to computer professionals in general particularly those who have an interest in the SQLite file format.

Getting Started with SQL: A Hands-On Approach for Beginners

By Thomas Nield

Released: 2016-02-28
Paperback (134 pages)

Getting Started with SQL: A Hands-On Approach for Beginners
List Price: $33.99*
Lowest New Price: $21.03*
Lowest Used Price: $24.00*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
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Product Description:

Businesses are gathering data today at exponential rates and yet few people know how to access it meaningfully. If you’re a business or IT professional, this short hands-on guide teaches you how to pull and transform data with SQL in significant ways. You will quickly master the fundamentals of SQL and learn how to create your own databases.

Author Thomas Nield provides exercises throughout the book to help you practice your newfound SQL skills at home, without having to use a database server environment. Not only will you learn how to use key SQL statements to find and manipulate your data, but you’ll also discover how to efficiently design and manage databases to meet your needs.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Explore relational databases, including lightweight and centralized models
  • Use SQLite and SQLiteStudio to create lightweight databases in minutes
  • Query and transform data in meaningful ways by using SELECT, WHERE, GROUP BY, and ORDER BY
  • Join tables to get a more complete view of your business data
  • Build your own tables and centralized databases by using normalized design principles
  • Manage data by learning how to INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE records

The Definitive Guide to SQLite (Expert's Voice in Open Source)

By Grant Allen

Released: 2010-11-11
Paperback (368 pages)

The Definitive Guide to SQLite (Expert s Voice in Open Source)
List Price: $49.99*
Lowest New Price: $42.49*
Lowest Used Price: $27.51*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 09:07 Pacific 25 Apr 2019 More Info)

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Product Description:
Outside of the world of enterprise computing, there is one database that enables a huge range of software and hardware to flex relational database capabilities, without the baggage and cost of traditional database management systems. That database is SQLite an embeddable database with an amazingly small footprint, yet able to handle databases of enormous size. SQLite comes equipped with an array of powerful features available through a host of programming and development environments. It is supported by languages such as C, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, TCL, and more. The Definitive Guide to SQLite, Second Edition is devoted to complete coverage of the latest version of this powerful database. It offers a thorough overview of SQLite's capabilities and APIs. The book also uses SQLite as the basis for helping newcomers make their first foray into database development. In only a short time you can be writing programs as diverse as a server-side browser plug-in or the next great iPhone or Android application! Learn about SQLite extensions for C, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl. Get solid coverage of SQLite internals. Explore developing iOS (iPhone) and Android applications with SQLite. SQLite is the solution chosen for thousands of products around the world, from mobile phones and GPS devices to set-top boxes and web browsers. You almost certainly use SQLite every day without even realizing it! What you'll learn Deploy SQLite as the database engine for iPhone and Android applications. Interact with SQLite from Java, C++, PHP, and other key languages. Create robust database designs, taking advantage of support for primary and foreign key constraints. Embed zero-maintenance databases directly within applications that you write. Improve performance through a good understanding of SQLite internals. Exploit features such

Learn SQLite in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn SQLite for Beginners

By Krishna Rungta

Released: 2017-03-19
Kindle Edition (102 pages)

Learn SQLite in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn SQLite for Beginners
Product Description:

SQLite is a very lightweight database, with no installation required, zero configuration, and no server required. SQLite is widely used as a database of choice in mobile apps, camera, home electronic devices and other embedded systems.

This book is designed for beginners with little or no prior database experience.

Here is what you will learn:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Create Database

CREATE Database

CREATE Database in a Specific Location

Create database and populate it with tables from a file

Backup & Database

Drop Database

Chapter 3: Create, Alter, Drop Table

Create table

Drop table

Alter table

Add columns- Using ALTER TABLE Command

Insert value into a table

Chapter 4: Primary & Foreign Key

SQLite constraint

Primary Key

Not null constraint

DEFAULT Constraint

UNIQUE constraint

What is a SQLite Foreign KEY?

Chapter 5: Data Types

Storage Classes

Affinity Type

Examples of storing data types in SQLite

Chapter 6: Select, Where, Limit, Count, Group By, Union

Reading data with select


Limiting and Ordering

Group BY

Query & Subquery

Set Operations -UNION,Intersect

Conditional results

Advanced queries

Chapter 7: Joins

Introduction to SQLite JOIN Clause










Conflict clause

Chapter 9: Index, Trigger & View




Chapter 10: SQLite Functions

Finding the LENGTH of a string

UPPER Function and LOWER Function

TRIM Function

TYPEOF Function


SQLite library

User-defined functions

SQL in 10 Minutes, Sams Teach Yourself (4th Edition)

By Ben Forta

Sams Publishing
Paperback (288 pages)

SQL in 10 Minutes, Sams Teach Yourself (4th Edition)
List Price: $29.99*
Lowest New Price: $18.36*
Lowest Used Price: $16.14*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 09:07 Pacific 25 Apr 2019 More Info)

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  • Sams Publishing
Product Description:

Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes, Fourth Edition

New full-color code examples help you see how SQL statements are structured

Whether you're an application developer, database administrator, web application designer, mobile app developer, or Microsoft Office users, a good working knowledge of SQL is an important part of interacting with databases. And Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes offers the straightforward, practical answers you need to help you do your job.

Expert trainer and popular author Ben Forta teaches you just the parts of SQL you need to know–starting with simple data retrieval and quickly going on to more complex topics including the use of joins, subqueries, stored procedures, cursors, triggers, and table constraints.

You'll learn methodically, systematically, and simply–in 22 short, quick lessons that will each take only 10 minutes or less to complete.

With the Fourth Edition of this worldwide bestseller, the book has been thoroughly updated, expanded, and improved. Lessons now cover the latest versions of IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB, and Apache Open Office Base. And new full-color SQL code listings help the beginner clearly see the elements and structure of the language.

10 minutes is all you need to learn how to...

  • Use the major SQL statements
  • Construct complex SQL statements using multiple clauses and operators
  • Retrieve, sort, and format database contents
  • Pinpoint the data you need using a variety of filtering techniques
  • Use aggregate functions to summarize data
  • Join two or more related tables
  • Insert, update, and delete data
  • Create and alter database tables
  • Work with views, stored procedures, and more
Table of Contents

1 Understanding SQL

2 Retrieving Data

3 Sorting Retrieved Data

4 Filtering Data

5 Advanced Data Filtering

6 Using Wildcard Filtering

7 Creating Calculated Fields

8 Using Data Manipulation Functions

9 Summarizing Data

10 Grouping Data

11 Working with Subqueries

12 Joining Tables

13 Creating Advanced Joins

14 Combining Queries

15 Inserting Data

16 Updating and Deleting Data

17 Creating and Manipulating Tables

18 Using Views

19 Working with Stored Procedures

20 Managing Transaction Processing

21 Using Cursors

22 Understanding Advanced SQL Features

Appendix A: Sample Table Scripts

Appendix B: Working in Popular Applications

Appendix C : SQL Statement Syntax

Appendix D: Using SQL Datatypes

Appendix E: SQL Reserved Words

The SQL Guide to SQLite

By Rick F. van der Lans

Paperback (542 pages)

The SQL Guide to SQLite
List Price: $42.36*
Lowest New Price: $32.40*
Lowest Used Price: $4.39*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 09:07 Pacific 25 Apr 2019 More Info)

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Product Description:
SQLite is a small, fast, embeddable, SQL-based database server. It is easy to install, needs no management, and is open source. This book describes SQLite in detail. With hundreds of examples, plus a proven approach and structure, the book teaches you how to use SQLite efficiently and effectively. It contains a complete description of the SQL dialect as implemented in SQLite version 3.6. The book can be seen as a tutorial and a reference book. Source code for the numerous SQL examples and exercises included in this book can be downloaded from www.r20.nl.

SQLite Database Programming for Xamarin: Cross-platform C# database development for iOS and Android using SQLite.XM

By Anthony Serpico

Released: 2015-11-13
Kindle Edition (218 pages)

SQLite Database Programming for Xamarin: Cross-platform C# database development for iOS and Android using SQLite.XM
Product Description:
SQLite is the native database for iOS and Android applications. Xamarin is the development framework of choice for creating cross-platform mobile apps. Together, this powerful duo allows you to write a common, shared data persistence layer that works across OS's. This can greatly simplify your mobile development effort. However, you still need to learn to effectively use SQLite.

That's where SQLite.XM steps in. 'SQLite Database Programming for Xamarin' will show you how to leverage the power of SQLite.XM to both accelerate and simplify database programming for your mobile applications.

SQLite.XM is a freely available SQLite wrapper written in C# and designed to be used with apps developed using Xamarin. SQLite.XM makes using SQLite with Xamarin a snap. It shields your application from the details of working directly with SQLite. Instead, you app interfaces with a high level, cross-platform layer that provides database CRUD functionality. In addition to providing an abstraction layer that greatly simplifies database search and record retrieval. SQLite.XM also takes care of organizing your SQL, initializing your apps schema, performing schema updates, and synchronizing data to a server-side datastore.

In Part 1 of this book, I spend some time talking in general terms about data persistence along with issues specific to mobile app development. I also go over the various technologies used in the book to build a data persistence layer. I then go on to discuss database design and challenges specific to designing for mobile apps.

Part 2 is dedicated to explaining how to use SQLite.XM for data persistence on the device. This is the heart of the book.

Part 3 is where I explain SQLite.XM and cloud replication; how to set up a server-side database and how to get data moved, or copied, from the device to your cloud server.

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